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Grand Horoscope Analysis (written Report)

Grand Horoscope Analysis (written Report)

You will receive a Complete Horoscope including Lagna Kundali, Bhav Chalit Kundali, D2 chart, D9 chart, D10 chart, D6 chart, D7 chart, D24 chart, D60 chart, D3 chart, D12 chart, D4 chart, D5 chart, D20 chart, D30 chart, Ashtakvarg Charts, Vimshottari Dasha's, Chakra Dasha's, Details of Planetary configuration in your D1 chart including their strength, age, awastha, etc. and Yogas formed in your D1 chart.


You will also be provided with details of Special Points like Gulika, Maandi, Shree Lagna, Indu Lagna, Arudh Lagna, Hora Lagna, Up-Pad Lagna, Bhrigu Bindu, etc. in your D1 chart.


You will also receive explanation about Birth Time Rectification Process in your Horoscope.


You will receive Detailed AstroLogical Analysis of your horoscope for various aspects of life including Education, Career, Profession, Finance, Marriage, Children, Health, Longevity, etc.


You need to provide your Birth Date, Birth Time, Birth Place, Birth Name, etc. If you are not sure about any of these details, please mentioin.


Do Not Forget to Provide your E-Mail Address and Mobile No. to Receive your Complete Horoscope.


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Mobile : +91-9106970714 (WhatsApp / SMS)

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